iVBasic Pro
With a nice list of controls, database functions, and language features at your fingertips, it is a perfect solution for your business! The best part is, we are always working on improving and updating iVBasic Pro to help meet the needs of the business community!

iVBasic Pro Features Include:

Image control/functions.

Hardware control/information functions.


Map control/functions.

Music player(s) controls/functions.


Support for multiple Views!

Access to the camera.

Support for Rotation!

Calendar control.

Over 150 Commands/Functions!

Robust set of Database functions (using the SQLite engine)!

Drawing functions.

iVBasic Language Reference, so you'll be up and running in no time!

An intuitive and easy to use GUI designer. Simply drag the control to the desired position, press it, select the event, and start coding. 

A wide Array of Controls and features are at your disposal:
  • ActivityIndicator
  • Button
  • Calendar
  • ImageList
  • ImageView
  • Label
  • Library
  • Map
  • Music Player
  • Paint
  • Picker
  • Progress
  • SegmentedSwitch
  • Slider 
  • Startup
  • Switch
  • Table
  • TextField
  • TextView
  • Timer 
  • ToolbarMenu
  • View

Save and load your projects

Includes "accelerometer", "All Controls Pro", "battery", "calcreate", "camera", "DBTest", "hardware", "imageView", "mapView", "mediates", "quizMaster", "sayit", "ShowAddressBook", "tictactoe", "UFODraw", and "views" example programs.

Note: iVBasic is a limited subset and dialect of the BASIC programming language. 
Like most forms of BASIC, iVBasic is not a strongly typed language, and is not case sensitive. Variables can contain any data type.