iVBasic (noun)  /ˈī-vē ˈbā-sik/ 
1: An easier way to create programs for the iPad/iPhone, or Android!

*NEW* aVBasic is now available for Android! (pronounced the same as iVBasic.)

*NEW* aVBasic Pro, DB, Basic, and Free are available in Android Store.  Develop and distribute your own aVBasic programs, using the Android sdcard/aVBasic directory!

Ever wanted to easily create your own tablet or phone program? Now you can with iVBasic for iPad/iPhone, or aVBasic for Android! Create and run your very own program, right on your devi c!

iVBasic/aVBasic has everything you need to create your own program. With the intuitive and easy to use GUI Designer; simply select/drag the control to the desired position, press it, select the event, and start coding.

Both aVBasic and iVBasic use native controls where possible, so your programs look professional.  aVBasic programs can be shared with friends.  Due to Apple Corporation's App store guidelines, iVBasic programs cannot be shared.  However, iVBasic and aVBasic programs are almost identical.  

iVBasic/aVBasic is interpreted so there's no wait to compile and run! Simply press the run button and you get immediate feedback!

Every version of iVBasic will have a corresponding version of aVBasic soon, so keep watching the Google Play store!

iVBasic ThunderMaker Tutorial